Rooh ki Talash main

रूह की तलाश में,  रूह की तलाश में , भटक रहा हूँ दर बदर !!!      कहते हैं लोग कि है वो कहीं मेरे ही अंदर , फिर भी न जाने क्यों ,मैं उससे मिल पाता नहीं ! कहनी हैं हज़ार बातें ,क्यों मैं उससे कह पाता नहीं !!!! अंश है मेरा ही वो,  अंश है मेरा ही वो , फिर क्यों सामने वो आती नहीं ? साथ है मेरे ही वो , क्यों ये भरोसा  दिलाती नहीं? किस बात का है डर उसे, जो भागती है यूँ हर पल? एक बार ही सही मिलाले मुझसे वो नज़र !!!!  रूह की तलाश में  भटक रहा हूँ दर बदर, कोई मिला दे उससे मुझे  अब हो रहा हूँ मैं बेसबर ! रूह की तलाश में भटक रहा हूँ दर बदर !!!!!  -------------- Rooh Ki talash main  Rooh Ki talash main, bhatak raha hoon dar badar kehte hain log ki hai wo kahin mere hi andar phir b naa jaane kyun, main usse mil paata nahi? kehni hain jo hazar baaten, main usse keh paata nahi Ansh hai mera hi wo  Ansh hai mera hi wo, phir

Travelling makes strangers turn in to lifelong friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Travelling makes strangers turn in to lifelong friends!!!!!!!!!!!!! Essence of solo trip is that you start alone and end up having life-long friendships, with similar kind or entirely different personalities I can say that I am suffering from travel mania, I get restless when I do not have any tickets booked for upcoming travel… haha.. It is said that any place is beautiful when you are travelling with your friends, obviously it is because company is all what matters, if you have F.R.I.E.N.D.S, barren roads are not less than any disco. But how about when travelling alone? Solo travelers are definitely not normal.. How can they be? I mean who gets out alone to explore OR in search of GOD OR to reach Nirvana OR for Meditation OR to be with nature….. OR though it be anything.. It requires lot of guts to plan a solo trip.. Coming back to the word ‘Normal’ again, let’s talk about trekkers, they cross the line of normality and have cleared all the criteria to enter in t

Chadar Part 2 - This is how we survived Chadar

We group of 12 boys and 2 girls, were PROUD to have made it till Nerak and witness unbelievable miracle of the nature. – The Frozen water fall, Most Iconic landmark of Chadar trek. We camped at a distance of 15-20 minutes away from the waterfall Day 6: Nerak – Tibb Cave Now was the time to return, trekking back the same route. We started the return journey. We thought that it is just the matter of retracing back our steps to chilling but to our surprise we were completely wrong.The Zanskar River reacts to the slightest change of temperature, and constantly keeps repackaging itself. The Chadar was completely different to what we have witnessed, it was more fragile, we rarely saw sun when on Chadar but those few minutes of sunshine was enough to melt it. While trekking back to Tibb Caves we gotstuck on the way, Chadar was melting and a thick sheet of ice converted itself into a very thin flimsy sheet. Our every step created a crackling sound. At few place

Most challenging trek in India: The Ice Walk trek also called as the THE CHADAR TREK

Chadar is topping the list of most difficult treks in India, because of the extreme weather condition(-30 to -35 degree Celsius), difficult terrain and high altitude (11123 Ft). Trekker who is ready to stand all these challenges will be offered to witness the most amazing creativity of nature, so stunning that it is difficult to take eyes off the scene. A trail covered in snow:                                Few trails leave a mark on heart, Chadar is one of those. It’s been a week that I am back after successfully completing the trek, but whenever I close my eyes – Chadar slide show begins. What exactly is Chadar? A rapid flowing Zanskar river transforms itself into a white/ turquoise blanket of ice in winters due to the extreme cold weather (temperature drops down to -35), sheet of ice starts forming at the side conjunction of mountains and river and then stretches to middle of the river, ice sheet formed is not even throughout, there are patches of f