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And he calls me Immature.....

I wrote few lines on behalf of all the girls who are called immature coz they behave childish in front of their friends/ boyfriend/Husband. Girls do it coz, you are really close to them and they can show their innocent side in front of you!! THIS DOESN'T MEAN - THEY ARE IMMATURE. We together had all the fun,  We were different lives in the same run,  After all our daily chores are done,  We meet again to play with the water gun,  Ohh no! In the water fight he opened my bun. I am so happy; I have my one,  with him I can talk, play and do the undone. Suddenly, one day, with the morning sun,  something unusual begun. I asked him; take me out – “I want to buy a pendant’  He thought I was so dependent!  At work I splendent  Returning home, tired, I ordered his favorite Pizza senlendent,  He scolded- u can’t cook, you are delivery dependent. I wondered- Why he became so ascendant. With him I was so sure,  we together could go for a lifelong tour,