Aura Around US : Be Cautious

There are many people we meet every day, few come close and then closer, with them we can share our everything and then there are few whose presence hardly matter.

I always wonder why is it like this - few people make us feel comfortable whereas with few we get this unwanted feeling, they repel.

Talking about one of the relations that we create on our own: Friends

- Few friends make us feel comfortable and we tend to spend a lot of time with them, sharing our deepest secrets.

- With few we just enjoy, though we do not share any emotional connect but yet we like them around us.

- Then there are few, who we call as “our friends” but we can't  even stand the sight of them. We get this feeling of discomfort  when they are around.

All this happens because every person has his/her own energy and they emit the same. Certain people give off positive energy, others negative.

People with Positive Energy:

People who exude an inviting sense of heart, compassion and support, with them we feel safe, relaxed and wanting to get closer. These are the people with positive vibes; they keep on encouraging us in some way or other. Their motivation, attitude and selflessness emanate a peaceful glow.
With such people around us our energy and optimization increase.

People with Negative Energy:

There are few people with whom we experience a sense of being demeaned, constricted, or attacked. They might be too talkative/blunt, attention seekers and enjoy making fun of others. 
These people tend to attack in some way or other, having such people in your circle may lead you feel unsafe, tense or on guard. Their back bitching habits creates a negative environment and sends out negative vibes in the universe.
With them you sense prickly, off putting vibes. Your energy starts to fizzle and you cannot wait to get away from them.
No matter how hard you work, how successful you are they will never appreciate; instead they will find a reason to criticize whereas a person with positive vibes will compliment you, adding charm to your success.

Be Proactive in generating positive energy:

Do whatever you want, make your inner light burn brighter. Treat yourself and everyone else around with Love. Be selfless.
Be creative in your own way, being creative generates lots of positive vibes and happiness around.
Avoid being in company of people who do not compliment/appreciate your efforts and keep finding faults in you, even if a person is talking bad about another in front of you, do not indulge in that conversation “STAY AWAY FROM SUCH PEOPLE”.                             They are spreading negative energy in universe which will indirectly affect you.
Meet new people, aim high, find common grounds rather than inflame negativity. Be with the ones who support your spirit and who trust you.
As it is said “The care with which you approach life is intuitively evident in your energy field”
Spread happiness, keep smiling, be creative, try new things, feel love!!!!


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