No one is BUSY, it’s all about priorities

We often hear excuses from our loved ones –
“Sorry was too busy, will not be able to make it today”
“Sorry could not respond to your message as I was way too busy”
“I am so sorry dear, I am busy can we postpone the plan?”
“Can you please go with someone else, I will not be able to make it I am BUSY”

We often tend to wait for the person who keep giving above excuses, We believe them and start testing our patience. At times we are hurt but try to convince ourselves “He/she might be really busy, else he/she would have come/called/texted” To be very clear there is no word called -“BUSY”, it is all about the priorities.
In case if a person is genuinely stuck into something really important and is not able to make up to the plan then he/she will take it as his responsibility and will balance the situation by providing the time you need or by planning something special to surprise you.

I often hear my friends/colleagues complaining – My one is way too busy to spend time with me, he has things lined up which he just cannot cancel. Let me remind you – You also have a life, you are also busy with your daily tasks, it could be anything office/home, so if you are able to manage your time than trust me any one can. It is just that you are not on priority in his list. I may sound rude but this is the reality.

One of my colleague keeps complaining about her boyfriend, whom she considers to be her life. She says “he is bad at texting, cannot talk on calls for long, whenever they plan to meet – he is always late, reason ‘I was too busy with the work’ and then he has to rush for his workout as he cannot compromise on gym.

Can I ask a question to all those who are going through the same situation “ Does that person really deserve you?” The one who keeps you waiting all the time and does not even make up for his/her actions? Such people may be very nice to you on your face and their ‘sorry’ with a smile can melt you, making you forget their actions for a while but then it repeats again and you are the one to suffer.

You have self-respect and it’s you who will have to guard it, don’t be so mad for someone that you have to compromise with your self-respect, make them realize your importance. You also have a busy life, it should not always be you to compromise on your work in order to match up with their timings!!!
Try explaining them your situation and still if the issue exists. I suggest you to “Please MOVE ON!!!”

Please note : There is a very fine line in between EGO and Self-respect, do not let your self-respect convert into ego and do not bend so much in front of anyone that raises a question on your own respect.

Do not give command of your life in someone else’s hand, take a hold of it. If a person is not emotionally available when you need them just cut them out of the equation, stop expecting anything from them, it may be anyone- close friend/Boyfriend/girlfriend anyone.
Take action instead of complaining!! Don’t make excuses for them. Don’t hold out hope that maybe, someday they’ll come around. They won’t.
Come to peace with the decision and move on. You deserve someone who’s going to eagerly ask you out, who’s excited about your next meeting, who thinks about you and considers what’s going on in your life. And when you find that person who do all of that you will wonder why you even stayed around the others.

Because “No one is BUSY, it’s just about priorities”


  1. So True Ayushi... If it is Important to You, You will find a way.
    If Not, You'll find an Excuse...

  2. It all depends on the time..priority changes with time.. So the person who has priority A is busy with A but for B he is not Busy..and once prority changes he is busy with B and for A he is not busy...
    Very rightly said just Move on and Change your own priority too.


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