Life is a open book full of blank pages, write your own story. Do not let anyone else take your pen....Paint your life with your colors :)

Do not let anyone write on the blank pages of your life, only you are authorized to fill in the pages the way you like your life to be.
Do not let anyone take the command of something that you own- it’s your life. Be an artist and paint the canvas with your experience, thrill, excitement and opportunities  

Consider everyday as a new beginning, a new opportunity. You have your ink/color and a new blank page every day, do not let it go blank, also do not allow anyone to complete the story of your life as they want. You create one for yourself.
You may fall, you may fail some days but rise again with the new sun rise. Learn from your mistakes, try to rectify them and if you can’t rectify, count them in your experience.

We get to live only once and we are not just born to study, do our jobs, save money, get married, grow children and die. There is a lot more out there. Go out, breath in fresh air..
Make memories, hang out with friends, send your parents on a vacation with the money you have earned. Buy yourself a gift, fall in love

Do whatever makes you happy.. Life is short, if you will keep on thinking what others will think.. you won’t be able to make it large. Believe in yourself!!

Paint the canvas of your life in such a way that when you are old  and you look at it – you feel satisfied, bright colors on your canvas should give others an inspiration to live life on their own conditions.

Life is what we create, our every step is a risk. TAKE THE RISK!!!!
Generally people in the fear of failing stop taking risks and they give command of their lives in someone else’s hands. Fear is failing is so huge that they stop trusting themselves and start consulting astrologers, palmist etc.
These counselors then take the pen from your hand and start writing your destiny on your blank sheet of paper. You become a puppet.

I am not saying these counselors are wrong/ incorrect, they might have their science behind their sayings but then god has given us brain to think and heart to feel, take decisions of your life on your own, everyone has their own blank page. Why are we giving our page to them?

Apart from you only your close ones (mom, dad, siblings, life partner, close friends) can share a little space on your page.. Let them write few phrases for your story, this might make you feel special. But then at the end its you who has to complete the chapter :)

Live Life King Size.. here I remember one of the SRK's dialogue
"Hum ek baar jeete hain aur ek baar marte hain"
So it's one LIFE, you create the way you feel :)


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