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Motivating Others Will Motivate You In The Process

As said positive energy can be gained from a positive people similarly if you want to get Motivated start motivating others! This has 2 way effect:
- The person you are motivating will be more determined and will work effectively towards his/her goals - In the process, you might also end up finding your goals or get motivated to start something new or finish the unfinished tasks.
Your Motivation might help someone achieve their DREAMS!! :)
How to Motivate: Long speeches are not going to work in any way. 

Ask open ended questions:
- Discuss in detail, what their dreams are? What are their plans to achieve them? Provide your inputs. Ask how long have they been dreaming about it? Let them know -you are there if they need any help. Support your friends and their new business just like you support celebrities, whom you don't even know.
Discuss your dreams with them, who knows while discussing you might get an idea to fulfill your dreamy dreams.
Most important part is to ENCOURAGE
Generally people…