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Book Review : "The Calling" by Priya Kumar

We often ask questions to ourselves- What is purpose of our life? Why are we here in this world? Why me? Why this happens with me all the time? Where is GOD? What are Karmas? Why do we have to face difficult situations in life? What is death?
Well here is Priya Kumar's another book to answer all these questions "The calling - Unleash your true self"
Story starts with a character called “Arjun” who has not done anything right in his life. He has messed up his everything - be it personal life or professional. Frustrated with his life he decides to take a trip to mountains where he experiences near death, not just once but many times, giving him realization about his life and what has he done to it.
Towards his journey to Hemkund Sahib, Arjun met a Sadhu, who made him undergo different tests of self realization, reveling purpose of his life and made him evolve into the person he had denied to be- Himself
This is not just a motivational book, it is a spiritual adventure, an enco…

How can a person who was once your life becomes a stranger to you?

Falling in Love, Beautiful Relationship, Breaking up, Moving On are the most common words we hear every day!
Sometime people fall in love at an instance, sometimes it takes a while . Whatever it may be, according to me LOVE is the most beautiful thing in the world. Love birds are so much into each other, that they know every minute details (likes/ dislikes) about their partners!
They cannot spend a single minute without knowing what the other one is doing! They are deeply in Love Hanging out, trying to be familiar with each other families, surprising one another, caring, talking more than 10 times a day, continuous chats when far..
A day without one another feels incomplete.
We happily accept to be away from our friends/ family just because we want to spend quality time with our special someone. We are so ‘Committed’ that we cannot imagine our life without them.
BUT one fine day either mutually or one- sided, the most common thing occur “BREAKUP”.                                 One …

Which type of 'Sister - Sister' relation is yours?

Do you really need a friend when you have a sister?
There are many sort of “sisi relationships” that I have come across. Which one is yours?
TYPE 1 : SOUL SISTERS Sisters who don’t need anyone else to be with them, they are enough for each other and any third party ( friends/boyfriends/ best friends) are not required to complete them.
They enjoy every moment being with each other, they fight, they cry, they plan trips, they go shopping, they can talk for hours, they understand each other so well that no words are required to express feelings to each other, there are no hidden secrets, they are best of best friends. All other friends they have are the common ones.
They keep each other on priority, husbands/ boyfriends get attention when “sis” is not around.
When they are far, they miss each other a lot but when they meet – all they can do is FIGHTING. They love one another a lot but this never ending competition is always on, they are not able to share secrets a…

Success is not a destination it’s a journey

Success is not a destination it’s a journey

Everyone wants to be successful in their life, we define our own success goals and then- Make a plan, Gear up and start working to achieve them. Our definition of being successful is to achieve the desired goals. It could be anything – Achieving 80% in 12th Board, getting a job, conducting an Exhibition, Winning a photography contest, making a trip to a dreamy place, getting a promotion or winning a race!
We work really hard to achie what we have desire, we plan our journey – According to the plan we proceed, day and night one thought and we keep working towards it. In this process of getting close to our goals we meet new people- they at times join us, with rug and rough, hard and tough, laugh and cry, lazy and dry, work and sail we reach near our destinations
All these activities are nothing but our journey “Our beautiful journey” towards success and this journey is as important as the end result!
And let me tell you one thing - Success i…