Book Review : "The Calling" by Priya Kumar

We often ask questions to ourselves- What is purpose of our life? Why are we here in this world? Why me? Why this happens with me all the time? Where is GOD? What are Karmas? Why do we have to face difficult situations in life? What is death?

Well here is Priya Kumar's another book to answer all these questions "The calling - Unleash your true self"

Story starts with a character called “Arjun” who has not done anything right in his life. He has messed up his everything - be it personal life or professional. Frustrated with his life he decides to take a trip to mountains where he experiences near death, not just once but many times, giving him realization about his life and what has he done to it.

Towards his journey to Hemkund Sahib, Arjun met a Sadhu, who made him undergo different tests of self realization, reveling purpose of his life and made him evolve into the person he had denied to be- Himself

This is not just a motivational book, it is a spiritual adventure, an encounter with the truth. It’s about self-realization.
Every time you read it, you will unleash a new meaning in the hidden expressions of the Author. 
It answers all the questions we ask ourselves every day.

“The calling” is actually having conversation with oneself, finding out the reasons of our own frustration and mess we have created around.

 Author has beautifully narrated lessons of life in form of a story. Language of the book is simple and connecting.

Lines I liked the most : "Your Life was not God's play. It was yours. You were only playing it wrong. If you stay true to who you are and act in that accordance, your life will be a prayer answered".

Name of the book: The Calling
Name of the author: Priya Kumar
Pages: 156 pages
Price: INR 299


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