Success is not a destination it’s a journey

Success is not a destination it’s a journey

Everyone wants to be successful in their life, we define our own success goals and then- Make a plan, Gear up and start working to achieve them.
Our definition of being successful is to achieve the desired goals.
It could be anything – Achieving 80% in 12th Board, getting a job, conducting an Exhibition, Winning a photography contest, making a trip to a dreamy place, getting a promotion or winning a race!

We work really hard to achie what we have desire, we plan our journey – According to the plan we proceed, day and night one thought and we keep working towards it. In this process of getting close to our goals we meet new people- they at times join us, with rug and rough, hard and tough, laugh and cry, lazy and dry, work and sail we reach near our destinations

All these activities are nothing but our journey “Our beautiful journey” towards success and this journey is as important as the end result!

And let me tell you one thing - Success is nothing but a life long journey – You can never be successful – you just achieve milestones,you have set for yourself.

For example, if success for you is getting 80% in class 12th – After achieving it you have to define your success by getting 80% in graduation/getting a job/ getting a promotion/ higher level promotion/ becoming a parent/ going on  a trip.

So each time when we achieve a goal, next level goal come in sight and we start working on it. Even the most successful persons have to work hard to sustain their success like our Actors/ sportsmen/ PM/ Presidents/ Scientist etc.

Therefore, success is nothing but a never ending journey called LIFE.

And in this journey everyone is SUCCESSFUL- achieving their milestones and working on the next one!

Celebrate your success, celebrate LIFE every time you cross a milestone !!


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