Which type of 'Sister - Sister' relation is yours?

Do you really need a friend when you have a sister?

There are many sort of “sisi relationships” that I have come across. Which one is yours?

Sisters who don’t need anyone else to be with them, they are enough for each other and any third party ( friends/boyfriends/ best friends) are not required to complete them.

They enjoy every moment being with each other, they fight, they cry, they plan trips, they go shopping, they can talk for hours, they understand each other so well that no words are required to express feelings to each other, there are no hidden secrets, they are best of best friends.
All other friends they have are the common ones.

They keep each other on priority, husbands/ boyfriends get attention when “sis” is not around.


When they are far, they miss each other a lot but when they meet – all they can do is FIGHTING.
They love one another a lot but this never ending competition is always on, they are not able to share secrets as they fear other one will judge and will not support.
Such relationships need best friends outside their sisi world, creating possessiveness and discomfort.

TYPE 3 : I want A BF

Sis is always busy with her BF, all she do and thinks about is only for him.
Sis become her 2nd priority, rarely spend any time with each other because of the 3rd person entry.
Yet they care for each other

Type 4 : Sis cum Mother
Elder one behaves like a mother to the younger one..
She cares, she advise, she scold..
She is the best counselor younger one can have but they are not best friends as they are not open with each other.
Generally this happens when there is wide age gap between sisters..

TYPE 5 : friends and Rivals
Few sis relationships are very difficult to understand, beware when you mess with them, if you point a finger at one the other will kill you.
They share deepest secrets but when angry can poke everything to mommy..

Type 6 : One is dominating (general cases : elder one). She can do hell lot of stuff that she wants but when younger one follows the same ‘She is Gone’.
She make other friends and keep them on priority, pushing the younger one too to make friends outside home – Weakening the sisters bond

Type 8 : Soul sisters for Life
No matter what, No matter how hard it is, they support each other.
Instead of warning or counting the consequences –
They support
They encourage
They Listen
They Act

If anyone speaks against their soul sis they give them a back smash, No matter What!!!


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