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Journey of being Honored with the Padma shri Award - Krishn Kanhai

Journey of being Honored with the Padma shri Award
In my recent exhibition– Kalaa Spandan (Mumbai) , I met many Artists, one of them was Padma shri Krishn Kanhai. I was very eager to know about his  journey of being an Artist. His art work is mesmerizing and there is no doubt as he was born and bought up in Krishna’s Nagri – Vrindavan   
Mr Kanhai was born in 1961 in  a middle class family, he is blessed with the colorful life, as his father was a kanyai Artist and was a well known chitrakaar of Vrindavan. He had earned his name in the world of paintings with all beautiful and spellbinding paintings of Lord Krishna.

Mr Kanhai’s interest in the creativity started with the small drawings on black board, his classmates believed, he has received the creativity from his father as a blessing. His father owned a shop where they sold showpieces and very creative Krishna paintings.
His career of being an Artist started at a very early age, he helped his father in making the paintings, slowly with t…

How can I be with someone so new, Someone I never knew

In India, almost 7 out of 10 girls go through the hardships of arrange marriage.
Hell lot of questions, erupts like a volcano from within  but no one to answer,  there is no one who could take out the fear of spending entire life with someone new, she never knew. Here is my another blog describing feeling of an arranged,  To Be Bride

How can I be with someone so new, Someone I never knew
They say, he will embrace me forever, How can be they so sure, alikeme they have not met him ever.
I skip a beat every time when they plan to fix me with someone, Am I a burden for my loved ones?
“No No it’sa ritual”, they say- “You will revivify the place whereever you will stay”.
How can they decide in within few hours- With someone unknown, I will be spending my entire life happy or frown?
He will take me away from my parents, my home Entire life I will be busy making his house under a new dome
Just like papa, Will he treat me like a Princess? Or within few days he will have no interest
Will he understand me?  my drea…