How can I be with someone so new, Someone I never knew

In India, almost 7 out of 10 girls go through the hardships of arrange marriage.

Hell lot of questions, erupts like a volcano from within  but no one to answer, 
there is no one who could take out the fear of spending entire life with someone new, she never knew.
Here is my another blog describing feeling of an arranged,  To Be Bride

How can I be with someone so new,
Someone I never knew

They say, he will embrace me forever,
How can be they so sure, alike me they have not met him ever.

I skip a beat every time when they plan to fix me with someone,
Am I a burden for my loved ones?

No No it’s ritual, they say-
You will revivify the place where ever you will stay.

How can they decide in within few hours-
With someone unknown,
I will be spending my entire life happy or frown? 

He will take me away from my parents, my home
Entire life I will be busy making his house under a new dome

Just like papa,
Will he treat me like a Princess?
Or within few days he will have no interest

Will he understand me?  my dreams?  My desires?
Or my talks will make him tire?

Will he support me in my hard decisions?
Or will that create a great friction?

Will he stand for me in the destitution of life?
Or will I be his for granted Wife?

Will he be happy with my professional success?
Or will it be a reason for his distress?

Will he allow me to go beyond my lines and follow my dreams, my career?
Or will he ask me to just take care of kids, as my career could be a family barrier?

Will I be his 1st priority?
Or will he keep other things on  superiority?

In our relationship will he be true?
Or along with someone else he will screw?

Will he consider my point  of view
Or will he Eschew?

I am not sure, if he will call me immature
Or will accept me with my mickey, mini and pooh?

Will he be able to give me all his heart/ mind / Hugh?

To be with him I will give my mom dad a final adieu
Not sure with him I will be happy or Slough

Too many questions but no answers no clue…..

How can I be with someone so new,
Someone I never knew


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