Life is short, do what makes you happy…

 “I want to join dance classes”,
“I want to learn playing synthesizer”,
“I want to join gym",
“I want to play badminton at least an hour everyday”,
“I like paying cricket, I wish I could continue playing just like my school days” 
and the list is on………

All of us have many small “wishes” just like the ones I mentioned above. If fulfilled, these little wishes can give us immense pleasure and contentment.!

But in this busy schedule, we are not able to take out time for the things that make us happy. We keep other things on priority and at times it’s not about priority it's about "Being Lazy"

“Yaar, who will wake up early in the morning to exercise?”
“I wanted to play cricket today evening but this show on TV got hold of me”
“I do not have time at all, my office starts at 10 in the morning and ends at evening 10”
“I Get too tired that I hardly have any energy left after office/college.. to do any other activity”
“I recently got married, we have so many things to do that I hardly get time for stuff I like”
“I don’t have time”

We always give such answers while discussing the TOPIC “I like to do __ but I am not able to because ___”,
Well! let me tell you one thing, these are not answers, these are excuses …
Factually we all are capable enough and we all have this amount of time to carry out our hobbies/'to do things' along with our busy schedule.
We all have 24 hours in a day and I have met quite a few charming personalities who manage their time in impressive way : they go for exercise in the morning, cook lunch for themselves, work in office, attend late evening music class, play badminton, go on drive with loved ones and sleep for the adequate amount of time

“If 1 person can do it, why not others??”- I should not be the one asking you this, you should be questioning yourselves..

We have got one life, live it completely. Instead of nagging : “I want to do this/ I want to do that” take out time to actually do it, you will feel the contentment within yourself. Try awaking the inner child within you who is keen to do what he wants.
It’s all about managing – Be the manager of your own life.

And trust me a person who follows his/her heart becomes an inspirational story and automatically holds a charismatic personality

Follow your heart,
Prepare your “To fulfill dreams” chart
Create any abstract art
Play any game : football, cricket or may it be dart
Go shopping with your beloved to Mart
Work Hard but Smart
Just don’t let your dreams fall apart


  1. Very well said Ayushi... We just have to "Learn to budget our time the same way we budget our money" .....


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