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Break the stereotype - It's okay to discuss about "Periods"

When are we going to break this stereotype? “I am on my periods” Why can’t a girl say this in front of her friends, family or colleagues? Why sanitary napkins are packed in a black color polybag and then given to carry? Why TV channel is changed when “Whisper/Stayfree” is on?
We live in such a society where a girl might be undergoing lot many problems when her periods are on - she might have severe body ache, vomiting, queasiness, dizziness, constipation, mood swings, Irritation and list is on…. “That time of month is challenging for her”
But why should others bother? What if it starts when she is in her office? She cannot take a day off, as she cannot share her condition with anyone “You know, it’s not good to talk about such things”.
Question is WHY?
This is something that God has given us and we should be proud as we are fertile enough to give birth to a new life.
At Holy places – criminals, thieves, corrupted people, psychopath killers/slaughterers, even rapist are allowed but a bleeding …