Break the stereotype - It's okay to discuss about "Periods"

When are we going to break this stereotype?
“I am on my periods” Why can’t a girl say this in front of her friends, family or colleagues?
Why sanitary napkins are packed in a black color polybag and then given to carry?
Why TV channel is changed when “Whisper/Stayfree” is on?

We live in such a society where a girl might be undergoing lot many problems when her periods are on - she might have severe body ache, vomiting, queasiness, dizziness, constipation, mood swings, Irritation and list is on…. “That time of month is challenging for her”

But why should others bother? What if it starts when she is in her office? She cannot take a day off, as she cannot share her condition with anyone “You know, it’s not good to talk about such things”.

Question is WHY?

This is something that God has given us and we should be proud as we are fertile enough to give birth to a new life.

At Holy places – criminals, thieves, corrupted people, psychopath killers/slaughterers, even rapist are allowed but a bleeding woman entering, is considered a sin? Seriously?
If it’s a sin then God would have not given this to us, why will he discriminate between his children?

It is a sin if she bleeds (she is considered impure) and it is a sin if she doesn’t (as now she is not capable of conceiving , she is useless)

Talking about few places in India, I have witnessed the situations where a woman on her periods is treated like an animal, she is forced to sleep on floor, given different food, not allowed to roam/ talk.

Here are answers to few of the superstitious practices; people are following blindly since ages:

1)            Myth - Women are not allowed to enter kitchen when on periods.
Reason - This was practiced in early ages, as during those days, she is very weak, bearing pain with bleeding vagina. This was practiced so that she can give herself a much needed break and rest.
2)            Myth - Women are not allowed to enter temples when on periods.
Reason - Just like cooking, this was practiced so that she can rest as her body is weak due to blood loss, no woman is IMPURE.
3)            Myth - Some places women are given different food.
Reason - Ancient days, women were given more healthy food, full of nutrition to get over her weakness due to loss of blood
4)            Myth - Touching pickles will spoil them.
Reason - This is purely a myth.

I have seen men at times make fun of these things, or getting uncomfortable when she is discussing it with him. I request all men reading this to please start respecting women, she bears a lot without any complains and there is nothing be to uncomfortable about, it’s a natural phenomenon. You would have not born without this happening.

And all the girls out there, there is nothing to be reluctant about, I am not asking to shout on top of your voice that you are ‘DOWN’, but its “US” who can break this stereotype J


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  2. Yes that's true during periods our society treat women differently, bit they do not understand our ancestors started all the related rituals just for comfortness and ease for ladies when they are week. The time flies people changed the actual reason and uses those rituals for their domination over women, which further supported by both men's and women's.
    Thanks Ayushi foe writing blog on such topic, people mainly new generation should read such articles and make our society better for all the ladies.


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