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Assumption : Object of relation deduction

There are many versions of truth and I have seen people often jump to conclusion without knowing the whole equation. Assumption is one of the major reasons creating misunderstandings, breaking a beautiful relationship.                      We see one side of the coin  and believe what we want to  and act accordingly. These assumptions also shows the level of trust on other person.. "we often hear, I did this because I assumed/ I thought/ I was told/ I got to know…….., if you actually trust that person all other excuses are invalid” So here is my VERSION of ASSUMPTION There is something witty about this assumption !!! Object of relation deduction  Without any prior analysis of information Code directly goes into production  Ohh God!! these misconceptions Forefather of relation-malfunctions There are many stories, witnessing destruction…… No reality yet supposition Sweet gesture was considered as act of seduction Ahhh!!! Assumed assumptio