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Harishchandragadh - Trekker's Wonderland

Harishchandragadh is a beautiful hill fort in the Ahmednagar district of India. It is also called as Trekkers Paradise/ Fairy tale trek which makes it a popular trekking destination in the Sahyadris of Maharashtra. 

It is an ancient fort from the Medieval period where the Great sage Changdev (Writer of the epic Tatvasaar), used to meditate in the 14th century. 
Situated at a distance of approximately 90km from Kaylan and 165Kms from Pune, Harishchandragadh trek is one of the most challenging treks in the Western Ghats.
The fort mountain along with, TOLAR KHIND, MALSHEJ GHAT offers a lot for trekkers. The main attraction here is the KONKAN KADA which offers a spectacular view of Konkan.

This quaint sleepy region’s scenic beauty and alluring charm will leave you awestruck
One can reach harishchandragadh fort via 3 routes (previously there were 7 routes but few are closed down now)

3 routes are

1) Pachnai

Pachnai is name of a village, reachable through local or private transport. Harishchandra…

Devkund Water Fall : A hidden paradise in lap of nature

About Devkund
Devkund is a pure white strong streak of water gushing symphonic-ally along steep mountain cliff and falling graciously on the rocky surface into the pool. I admit, Devkund is the most majestic place I have ever visited in Maharashtra.

With verdant forest enclosing it in its cradle, Nature lovers can reach Nirvana at this place. This clear watered fall is a Virgin place, it is confluence of three waterfalls and is said to be the origin of Kundalika River.
It is a secreted place situated deep inside the forests surrounding Bhira dam Located in the Sahyadri Range of Western Ghats

How To Reach:
By Road: The distance between Bhira village to Pune and Mumbai, is respectively 100 km and 124 km. You can take your vehicles till Bhira village. The TATA power plant near Bhira dam is the major landmark to reach the village.

If following GPS, do inquire the way with the locals, as GPS might lead you in wrong direction, Devkund is not updated in GMaps

Nearest Railway Station: Kolad station on…

The dark forest : ANDHARBAN Trek

What is Andharban? Andharban is a dense jungle, it is often called as dark forest trek , name itself suggest ‘Andhar’ means ‘darkness’ and ban means ‘Forest’. Andharban is more of walking and few hours of descending down to Bhira Dam. It is one of the most beautiful treks of the sahyadris Imagine walking in between the dense jungles, beneath the giant trees which are forming a shield making sunlight to struggle reaching the ground.

Major Attractions Hypnotic Kundalika Valley View Tamhini Ghats with end number of waterfalls that come enroute Bhira Dam start point Walk through dense and dark jungles  experience wilderness

How to reach Andharban: The start point is situated near the Mulshi Dam on the Tamhini Ghat road. Mulshi Dam is around 130 kms from Mumbai and 50 kms from Pune. Private cabs/ buses are the best option when travelling in group, get down at the start of MCKS Ashram Road -from here the start point is just 3 kms away. Gmaps can help too in navigating appropriately - put the location as…