The dark forest : ANDHARBAN Trek

What is Andharban?
Andharban is a dense jungle, it is often called as dark forest trek , name itself suggest ‘Andhar’ means ‘darkness’ and ban means ‘Forest’.
Andharban is more of walking and few hours of descending down to Bhira Dam. It is one of the most beautiful treks of the sahyadris
Imagine walking in between the dense jungles, beneath the giant trees which are forming a shield making sunlight to struggle reaching the ground.

Major Attractions
Hypnotic Kundalika Valley View
Tamhini Ghats with end number of waterfalls that come enroute
Bhira Dam start point
Walk through dense and dark jungles 
experience wilderness

How to reach Andharban:
The start point is situated near the Mulshi Dam on the Tamhini Ghat road. Mulshi Dam is around 130 kms from Mumbai and 50 kms from Pune.
Private cabs/ buses are the best option when travelling in group, get down at the start of MCKS Ashram Road -from here the start point is just 3 kms away.
Gmaps can help too in navigating appropriately - put the location as ‘Andharban Trail start point’

Andharban is 17kms trek, which includes 4 kms of descend
Type – Valley/ Jungle descend Trail
Endurance : Medium
Altitude: 2,160 ft
Base Village : Tamhini
Grade : Medium
Water sources: None. Carry at least 3 liters of water
Food options : advisable to keep packed lunch/ Hirdi village provide few options like Maggie/ wafers
Start Point : Pimpri dam
End point : Bhira Dam
Clothes : full-sleeved/length clothes are always recommended

We reached starting point by 10:00AM and completed trek by 7:00 PM (usually it takes 5 hours to complete the trek but as we took the trek in monsoon, waterfalls and kudalika river were frowning, it took some time for us to cross those safely)

About the Trail
It’s not just simple walking but one such destination that faces maximum footfalls during the monsoons for end number of waterfalls that come en-route.
tweak trails, green plateaus,  snakes on tress, crabs crawling, birds singing and insects making melodious sounds.. yes, all this is part of Andharban.
Andharban offers views of flora and fauna too.

Pimpri dam- is the starting point of the jungle trek.

The trail is little confusing. We took the trail that goes along the dam.

After few minutes of trekking, on the way there is a  beautiful waterfall 

We crossed the valley as the Andharban jungles are located on the opposite side of the start point.

Andharban will leave you enthralled with the astonishing beauty of Sahyadris, There is a lot to explore in this trek- beautiful valley surrounded by Tamhini ghats with n number of water falls.

As it is a dense forest there are chances to get lost, it is recommended to go with a group for such treks, it gets darker in monsoon due to fog.

After  few kms of walk in the jungle, trail wide opens in a plateau-like space with a valley on left provides a pleasing view, This is a good place to set up a temporary camp or have packed lunch.

Alternately, one could walk 5 more minutes to get to Hirdi, a small village nearby. Hirdi does not have too many options for dining, although bathroom facilities can be availed of here.          

 A gradual descent of 2 kms begins from Hirdi. The trail then opens into a wide plateau, again a flat walk for few kms. Back water of Bhira Dam can be seen to the left/front side. This patch of the trail, although easy, is long. It ends at a wide river flowing across the trail.  Through the course of the trek, we encounter three major streams of rivers.

It is easy to cross the river at end point, as it is shallow but as we chose to trek in heavy monsoon, river was frowning, ropes helped us to cross the turbulent river, past the river, road continues straight onward, this is the end point of Andharban trek, usually vehicles arrive for pickup at this point. Also this is the point where trek to most amazing waterfall begins ‘DEVKUND’


  1. Explained so lively, still waiting for your write up on McLeod treck.... Loads of love...

  2. Very well Written Ayushi Jain... Post reading this I want to get lost in the Woods... Added in the TO DO List of 2019 Monsoon...


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