Devkund Water Fall : A hidden paradise in lap of nature

About Devkund

Devkund is a pure white strong streak of water gushing symphonic-ally along steep mountain cliff and falling graciously on the rocky surface into the pool.
I admit, Devkund is the most majestic place I have ever visited in Maharashtra.

With verdant forest enclosing it in its cradle, Nature lovers can reach Nirvana at this place.
This clear watered fall is a Virgin place, it is confluence of three waterfalls and is said to be the origin of Kundalika River.

It is a secreted place situated deep inside the forests surrounding Bhira dam Located in the Sahyadri Range of Western Ghats

How To Reach:

By Road: The distance between Bhira village to Pune and Mumbai, is respectively 100 km and 124 km. You can take your vehicles till Bhira village. The TATA power plant near Bhira dam is the major landmark to reach the village.

If following GPS, do inquire the way with the locals, as GPS might lead you in wrong direction, Devkund is not updated in GMaps

 Nearest Railway Station: Kolad station on Konkan railway is perhaps the convenient railway station to reach this spot. The distance between Kolad station and Bhira is 46 km. You can hire private vehicles from the station till Bhira village.

Altitude: 2,000 ft
Time taken: 2 hours each way
Trek gradient: Easy. Flat walk with a few, short stretches of gradual ascent
Type –Jungle ascend Trail
Endurance : Medium
Base Village : Bhira
Grade : Medium
Water sources: None. Carry at least 2 litres of water
Food options : advisable to keep packed lunch
Start Point : Bhira dam
Clothes : full-sleeved/length clothes are always recommended

Trail till Devkund:

Trek to Devkund starts where the trail of Andharban ends ‘Bhira Dam’. The trail begins from the open paid parking area at Bhira. 

As per the government rules, everyone has to register the names before starting the trek, due to many accidents that happened in past at Devkund, Maharashtra tourism is taking all the precautions to avoid them. It is better to hire a guide (charges are Rs100/- per person), as they are locals and may tell interesting facts about the fall which are less known, also during monsoon they help crossing major streams of rivers on the way to waterfall.

It’s half an hour tail along Bhira dam, it offers the most spectacular view of lush green land with mountains on one side and beautiful lake(Dam) on another, it is difficult to take eye off this view and walk further. 

You may find small huts selling tea, lemon juice and snacks along the way.
Back drop of the reservoir makes this a perfect camping location in-case somebody wants to stay overnight, camping near waterfall is not allowed.

One has to cross 2- 3 streams of rivers, separated by distance of approx. 20 minutes each to reach main fall, during monsoon it is difficult to cross the turbulent river, hence extra care is to be taken. 

Few locals have created bamboo bridge over the rivers (they charge Rs 20/- each to climb through bridge, as the depth and flow increases, charge increases ). Crossing river on our own is fun.

After crossing the last stream, the trail starts climbing for few minutes. This climb is through dense forest, trail opens up into a rocky patch, a few minutes’ walk from here and there it is ‘DEVKUND

1st glimpse itself will leave you awestruck with the beauty of mesmerizing fall.  It is waterfall from fairy tales, a crystal white water brook Fall is surrounded by tall mountain cliffs, view of white water cascading down into a clear bluish green water pool is purely unmatched, undoubtedly most stunning waterfall in India.

 1)    Try wearing full quick dry clothing, carry raincoats, water proof bags to keep mobile phones
 2)    Wear trekking/sports shoes to trek comfortably, do not wear sleepers/ sandles.                     
 3)    Reach there early to avoid facing too many visitors.                                                                                 
 4)    Keep at least 2 lts of water.                                                                                                                        
 5)   Carry few snacks and food items                                                                                                       
 6)    Be careful while crossing the turbulent water streams                                                                                
 7)    Try finding a space away from crowd and get mesmerized in the beauty of the fall
1)    Do not go deep inside the pool(many accidents have been reported here), locals have created a boundary around the pool with a rope, to be safe do not cross that. 
2)    Please do not throw wrappers/ food items/ water bottles on the way, keep the place clean. I could say Devkund is so beautiful because it was unexplored and a complete virgin place, it has gained a lot of popularity in last 2-3 years. I somewhere fear with the gaining popularity, this place will also be a victim of human negligence and interference. Please keep it clean, so not do anything that may hinder the beauty of this place.      
3)    Do not hush while crossing the river streams  
Have a happy and safe journey to the most beautiful place of Maharashtra  :) 


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