Travelling makes strangers turn in to lifelong friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Travelling makes strangers turn in to lifelong friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Essence of solo trip is that you start alone and end up having life-long friendships, with similar kind or entirely different personalities

I can say that I am suffering from travel mania, I get restless when I do not have any tickets booked for upcoming travel… haha..

It is said that any place is beautiful when you are travelling with your friends, obviously it is because company is all what matters, if you have F.R.I.E.N.D.S, barren roads are not less than any disco.

But how about when travelling alone? Solo travelers are definitely not normal.. How can they be? I mean who gets out alone to explore OR in search of GOD OR to reach Nirvana OR for Meditation OR to be with nature….. OR though it be anything..
It requires lot of guts to plan a solo trip..

Coming back to the word ‘Normal’ again, let’s talk about trekkers, they cross the line of normality and have cleared all the criteria to enter in the zone of abnormality.
They belong to the human race who are ready to leave all the comfort behind to climb mountains carrying a heavy bag on shoulder, sleep in small tents, no nearby washrooms is acceptable, they find their source of drinking water in the waterfalls or flowing river, they are ok to risk life to experience adventure.
In-fact the amount of money they put in planning such an adventure, in the same amount or less they can have a luxurious trip.

Well there is something about these abnormal people, all they gain is experience.
·        They are down to earth, may be because they have experienced what a tiny place we hold in this infinite universe.
·       They care about the environment like no one else, as they understand how majestic our earth is and it’s our duty to protect it.
·       Always ready to help others- they understand how fragile life is, they are ready to offer helping hand to everyone irrespective of color, cast, creed, status etc.
And when these kind of abnormal people meet their kind they experience sheer happiness, hi coverts into abeeyyy,  small talks are now never ending discussions and ‘Where are we going next’- is all  they talk about.

When I decided to take such treks/trips to spend time with nature and explore its different shades, I met quite a few souls, who made noticeable impact in the surrounding with their charming personalities, they made my trips even more beautiful.
Thank You Guys for crossing by in this beautiful journey of life.

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